Another One Sided Article On Interstate Avenue Renaming Furor

As the issue of renaming Interstate Avenue in North Portland for Cesar Chavez continues, so does the Daily Dead fish Wrapper's one side reporting.  The situation is that Commissioner Eric Sten, instead of sticking with his guns, is giving in to the whiner "activists" and voting for the renaming, against the wishes of those who actually live and work on Interstate Avenue.

There are a couple of things that stand out in this article.  The first is the way the Latinos (and the blacks who have joined them) try to get what they want; by whining about not getting their way, threats, and browbeating.

At the same time, a cross section of leaders from Portland's minority community turned up the political heat Tuesday, repeating calls for an immediate decision and taking aim at council opponents of the Interstate proposal.

Supporters see more talk as tantamount to the tactics used by segregationists to thwart the civil rights movement in 1960s.

"Justice can't be put on the back burner," said the Rev. Leroy Haynes Jr., vice president of the Albina Ministerial Alliance. He was joined at a news conference by other leaders representing Latino, Native American, Slavic and peace groups.

Justice?  What the heck does this have to do with justice?  How does not renaming this street for a union activist who has no ties to this city, much less this state, show injustice?  The injustice here is that is that what is wanted by minoiry outsiders is more important than those who live here.

The Albina Ministerial Alliance - what a joke!  These hypocrites are the ones who screamed for somebody's head when Kendra James was shot, but when a black is charged with a violent crime, they are the ones saying that we should be forgiving and their sentence shouldn't be so harsh, even when it is a violent crime.

"In Portland, saying we need more process is code for 'we are still uncomfortable,' " said former Multnomah County Commissioner Serena Cruz-Walsh. "Sometimes we would rather talk about hard decisions than make them."

Charlene McGee, president of the Portland NAACP, singled out Commissioners Sam Adams and Randy Leonard for opposing the Interstate renaming.

"2008 is just around the corner. We are watching," McGee warned.

Wow.  Don't you just love their conciliatory tone and willingness to work with the neighborhood whose street they want to rename?

Adams is running for mayor, and Leonard is seeking re-election next year.

"Sam Adams wants to be mayor. It should be part of the campaign that his word is worth nothing," said Ron Herndon, executive director of Albina Head Start.

At least Adams and Leonard have the guts to do the right thing (unlike Sten):

Both Adams and Leonard said they stood by their opposition to renaming Interstate, citing the inadequacy of a six-week community outreach plan meant to gather support for the plan, but resulting in fierce resistance at neighborhood meetings.

The council unanimously passed the outreach plan in September at the urging of Mayor Tom Potter.


Adams said he understands the frustration of the Chavez activists, but his support for Interstate always depended on neighborhood support.

"If they don't want to look at any other street than Interstate, I respectfully disagree," he said.


Randy Leonard gets it wrong most of the time, but I love his response in this case:

Leonard said he also remains a no vote. "I have yet to cave in to threats," he said.

Amen to that.

The second thing that stands out in this article is , just like the last article, how one sided it is.  In twenty four paragraphs, only the last two are given to the opponents of the renaming.

Many North Portland residents have criticized what they see as an unfair process to rename Interstate, but also say the change would take away their history and undermine the economic renewal that the area has been experiencing since the arrival of light rail.

"I'm saddened that the Latino community could not sit down with the businesses and the community to work out a proposal that works," said Bill Mildenberger Jr., manager of the Nite Hawk Lounge and Cafe and a leader of the North Portland opposition. "We just feel our voice has not been heard whatsoever."

What he says is so true.  All the Latino browbeaters have been saying all along is "we followed the process, no give us what we want.", and then they threaten those who don't go along with them.  It's too bad they prefer to come in and take over instead of being part of the community.

I do have to give credit to the Fish Wrapper for consistency; the two articles are written by different authors,  but they are both one sided.

Yes,the opponents are

Yes,the opponents are watching those who oppose them, But the rest of us are watching those who don't follow the rules. Erik Sten, Dan Saltzman, and Mayor Potter are giving into the whiners though Potter was in favor all along.  The renaming committee could have read all the requirements at any time, instead of relying on the council to tell them what they needed to do, they are available to everyone.  So just because they were ignorant of the policies on renaming a street and they won't particpate in trying to come to a compromise, Sten, Saltzman and Potter just give them what they want.  DEMOCRACY ONLY IN  POTTERSLAND (formerly known as Portland), who cares what a majority of people want push it through anyway!!

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