Being Overwhelmed With Useless IPCC Study On Global Warming

Now that the next part of the IPCC study has come out, the Daily Dead Fish Wrapper has been doing its best to overwhelm its readers with dire news about global warming. Just a brief search on the Fish Wrapper site for the term "IPCC" brings up 17 different AP articles about the useless study and all the politics behind the scenes.

Here are some of the articles:

Columbia Basin highlighted in U.N global warming report
Scientists get last say in climate study
Bleakest climate report approved
Climate report: poor will suffer most

Nothing like a little fear mongering headlines to make your day, right? 

Now in the meantime, why is it that the Fish Wrapper doesn't like to hammer on something good, like the fact that the economy had been really strong?  Even when the government figures are strong, the MSM doesn't annouce it; in fact, they hide it.  Why is that?  Easy - a Republican is in the White House.  If it was a Democrat, you can bet they would be all over it like sticky on tape.

Welcome to the world of the Daily Dead Fish Wrapper. 

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