Fish Wrapper Continues Habit Of Biased Coverage For Liberals

Now that Scooter Libby's trial is over and he has been convicted on four counts, the Fish Wrapper, along with the rest of the MSM, is doing their best to smear not only Libby, but the entire White House with Watergate-like accusations. In one of many places, the Fish Wrapper does it in Wednesday's hit piece (otherwise normally known as an editorial).

The trial and conviction of former White House aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby revealed in breathtaking fashion how far the Bush administration was willing to go to counter a challenge to the president's Iraq war policy.

Testimony in the four-week trial illuminated an administration that tried feverishly to discredit a war critic through means bordering on treason: His wife's covert role as a CIA operative was leaked to the media.

On and on the blathering goes. The Fish Wrapper even manages to portray those poor journalists (andI use that term loosely) as the vicitims.

The president's men, of course, aren't the only ones soiled by this sorry episode. It also shined an unflattering light on news organizations and journalists all too willing to be manipulated by those in power.

I have to admit, that one made me laugh. Journalists are the ones who get no greater pleasure than slamming the President and his administration simply because he is a Republican. They are the ones who manipulate the public by providing only one side of the story. I feel sorry for them, but not in the same way that the Fish Wrapper does.

I won't go on about the case itself here. You can read some good explanations at Mover Mike and Power Line, and they have links to other good info. I just want to point out the typical hypocrisy of the Fish Wrapper as illustrated by how their coverage varies depending on who comits the crime. Take for instance, Sandy Berger, Bill Clinton's former National Security Adviser. In April of 2005, he pled guilty to stealing classified documents from the National Security Archives in 2003. How much coverage do you think that got in the Fish Wrapper? Pretty minimal (not that you can search very far back on the lovely Fish Wrapper web site). But any time this issue comes up, I will see other news sources providing much more info than the Fish Wrapper; their coverage is usually confined to a small column on an inside page.

But when it comes to Scooter Libby, a Republican, it's time to pull out all the stops. Even a few days after the conviction, in addition to the editorial mentioned above, the Fish Wrapper ran a half-page article on page A4 from the LA Times-Washington Post detailing the "distortions and deceptions" leading to Libby. Wednesday's (3/7) paper had a front page "analysis" (translation: editorial on the front page) about how the conviction leaves Cheney "weaker", as well as another half page article on page A4 about how the "forgetfulness" defense doesn't fly. In addition, page A4 had a quarter page summary of the testimony in the trial.

Next time a Democrat politician is accused of a crime, observe how little coverage the Fish Wrapper provides, and then compare to when a Republican is involved. It's yet another way the Fish Wrapper's liberal bias is on display for all to see.


Yeah, I'll soon be suing

Yeah, I'll soon be suing the "oregonian" soon!

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