Editors Walk Out On Any Logic About Global Warming

The Fish Wrapper editors have shown in the past that they like to follow lock-step with the global warming/climate change hysteria/religion, and they continue their path with the latest editorial perpetuating the global warming hype, "Walking Out on Global Warming".

The main thrust of the editorial is that as usual, the U.S. needs to be a leader in climate change legislation that would trash our economy while major polluters such as Inda and China continue growing their economies.  And, of course, if we don't, the world will come to an end because of climate catastrophes.

The whole world saw a jarring, embarrassing contrast in leadership this week: There was German Chancellor Angela Merkel addressing a joint session of the Congress and pleading for U.S. action to combat climate change "in the interest of our children and grandchildren."

And there were Republican senators shunning a key committee meeting on climate change, literally walking away from their responsibilities to address the greatest environmental challenge facing the world.

As Merkel said, "We all know we have no time to lose." When leaders of 192 nations -- some about to be swamped by rising oceans -- gather next month for an international climate summit in Copenhagen, Denmark, "the world will look to us, to the Europeans and to the Americans" for leadership on binding reductions of greenhouse gases.

You have to hope that no one is looking now, because about all the world will see in Washington is political posturing and, among a disturbing number of U.S. "leaders," a willingness to deny what the vast majority of the world's climate scientists say is a truly dangerous rise in global temperatures.

Ah, yes.  Do you think it might matter that global temperatures have been cooling since 1998, and the warmest year on record in the US was 1934?  How about the accuracy of the numbers that are used to perpetuate the myth?

Anyone looking for leadership surely won't discover it among the Republican members of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. The GOP senators were no-shows at the committee Tuesday and Wednesday, boycotting scheduled meetings on the pretext that the climate bill before the committee has not been fully analyzed by the Environmental Protection Agency. In fact, the EPA has closely evaluated a very similar bill passed by the House of Representatives.

There's no longer any reason to hope that Congress can get a climate bill to the president's desk before the two-week conference in Copenhagen, which begins Dec. 7. But at the very least Congress can and should begin moving a responsible bill, and show the world that the United States is committed to curbing greenhouse emissions.

Hmm, ok.  And how serious are China, India, and other third world and developing economies?

There was one hopeful sign on Wednesday when three senators with much different political views -- John Kerry, D-Mass, Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., and Joseph Lieberman, I-Conn. -- met with Obama administration officials and pledged to help write climate legislation that could win bipartisan support this year.

Graham, one of the few Republicans in Washington who seems to understand all that's at stake with climate change, insisted that it's possible to write a bill that slashes heat-trapping carbon dioxide without harming the U.S. economy. Graham, Kerry and Lieberman say they will try to broaden support for climate change legislation by adding more incentives for nuclear power and offshore drilling.

Wow, he must know something no one else does, because it has yet to be shown how cap and trade can be put in place without trashing the economy. 

We're willing to support any bill that's a serious commitment to reducing greenhouse emissions. At some point, U.S. lawmakers are going to have to decide whether this country is going to respond to the rise in global temperatures, melting ice sheets, rising sea levels and other ecological perils, or not.

One thing that never ceases to amaze me is the ego of the global warming hype machine.  How do we even know that we could do anything to affect the climate at all?  Apparently, they've never heard of things like sunspots, either.  And don't forget about how ice is actualy increasing.

Well, yes. But the one thing we can't do is just walk away.

No, the actual truth is that we can't afford to go let can and trade legislation pass, because it will destroy our ecnonomy.  And don't let the fact that  fewer and fewer Americans see solid evidence of global warming get in the way of the hype, either, guys.  The Democrats in Congress certainly don't.

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