Radio DJ Equates Christians With Hitler For Daring To Oppose Gay Marriage

I know this blog is focused on the Dead Fish Wrapper (aka the Oregonian), but I head something on a local radio program this morning so outrageous that I had to post it somewhere. 

I was listening for a few minutes to 97.1 Charlie FM, when Charlie Girl (aka Shel Bailey) did a segment called Random News where they mention news stories from all over.  One of the stories she chose was about a protest staged by a Christian biker group in Iowa in regards to the draconian decision passed down by the Iowa Supreme Court that overturns the vote of the people and forces same-sex marriage on the state.  She started out with comments about how bikers aren't Christians, and Christians are supposed to be accepting. Then, she played a clip where one of the bikers said that he thought they had a valid point of view. Her comment after that was " Yeah, and Hitler thought his point of view was valid too."

When I first heard that, I couldn't believe my ears.  Hitler?  You're comparing people that dare to exercise their First Ammendment right to free spech to overturn the will of the people with a megalomaniac who slaughtered milltions of innocent Jews?  Wow, somebody needs to take a lesson in the tenets of Christianity as well as a little history lesson. 

Why are liberals are so thin-skinned that they equate any opposition to their attepmts to shove their lifestyle down everybody's throat as the equivalent of someone like Hitler?  Personally, I think it's because they know that if their ideas receive any scrutiny, it will be seen how lacking of any substance they really are.  I could go on about the determintal effect that gay marriage has already had in other societies (such as Scandinavia) and how it affects ours, but I'll save that for other posts.  Suffice it to say that the hypocrisy here is off the charts; if Charlie Girl had dared to speak out against gay marriage, you can bet there would be an uproar.

I'm hoping there will be one about this, too.  If you think it's as bad as I do, contact the station and let them know it.

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