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For 8 years, Abby Johnson was the director for the Planned Parenthood (aka Abortions 'R Us) clinic in Bryan, Texas.  However, after watching an ultrasound of an abortion and listening to the communications from superiors that they needed to focus on more abortions because they were more lucrative, she couldn't take it any more.  She quit as director and joined Coalition For Life, a pro-life group that protested outside her clinic.

Of course, the media has been ignoring this.  As detailed at Newsbusters:

Remember back in July when Norma McCorvey was arrested for disruptive behavior during the confirmation hearings of Judge Sonia Sotomayor? Wait. Maybe not. The networks only gave her a few cursory seconds, if any. McCorvey is "Jane Roe," the plaintiff in the landmark Roe v Wade lawsuit, and the one-time pro-choicer was shouting for the verdict of her 1973 case to be overturned.

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Continuing in its quest to be the biggest propoganda mouthpiece for the Obama administration among all dinosaur media outlets, the Fish Wrapper (aka The Oregonian) published a story about how the Generational Theft Act of 2009 (also known as the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act) has "saved or created" 9,653 jobs in Oregon.

After noticing similarities between the brains of meth users and stroke victims, Portland researchers Marilyn Huckans and Jennifer Loftis theorized they could devise a more effective treatment for addicts.

All they needed was a good chunk of money to prove it. And they got it -- nearly $1 million -- courtesy of the federal stimulus act, which in its first eight months has showered $1.8 billion on Oregon, according to reports released Friday.

"This is our big opportunity," said Huckans, who works with Loftis at Oregon Health & Science University. The money will be used to hire support staff and buy lab mice and equipment for two years of intense study. "We are finally able to get going."

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Newspaper circulation numbers continue to decline across the board, and the Dead Fish Wrapper is no exception.  Over the past six months, the Fish Wrapper's numbers decreased by 12.06%.  Astonishlingly, though, that wasn't the biggest decrease.  Here are numbers for the top 25 papers in the country, as published by Editor and Publisher:

  • THE WALL STREET JOURNAL -- 2,024,269 -- 0.61%
  • USA TODAY -- 1,900,116 -- (-17.15%)
  • THE NEW YORK TIMES -- 927,851 -- (-7.28%)
  • LOS ANGELES TIMES -- 657,467 -- (-11.05%)
  • THE WASHINGTON POST -- 582,844 -- (-6.40%)
  • DAILY NEWS (NEW YORK) -- 544,167 -- (-13.98%)
  • NEW YORK POST -- 508,042 -- (-18.77%)
  • CHICAGO TRIBUNE -- 465,892 -- (-9.72%)
  • HOUSTON CHRONICLE -- 384,419 -- (-14.24%)
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Great article at RealClearMarkets about how newspapers want us to subsidize them because their business model is failing so miserably.

Have you ever stumbled on an oxymoron so stunning that it takes your breath away? Try coupling this with a case of chutzpah so revealing that the lack of shame on the part of those involved serves as prima fasci evidence that their elite cultural isolation has rendered them incapable of critical thinking.

Behold the "Independent Journalism Tax."

In order to preserve independent journalism in the age of the Internet, a national Fund for Local News should be created with money the FCC now collects from or could impose on telecom users, television and radio broadcast licensees, or Internet service providers.

This is the key recommendation buried on page 91 of a 100 page report issued last week titled "The Reconstruction of American Journalism" by Leonard Downie, Jr. Vice President of the Washington Post, and Michael Schudson, a professor at the Columbia School of Journalism.

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Here's something you won't see the Dead Fish Wrapper report on:  a new poll by Rasmussen that shows that it's more important that people aren't forced to change their health insurance coverage than the availability of a public option.

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A new study titled "Trust and Satisfaction with the National News Media" was released by Sacred Heart University yesterday, and the findings are not good for MSM outlets such as the Daily Dead Fish Wrapper.   One of the primary findings says it best:  almost half of Americans "have permanently stopped watching a news media organization, print or electronic, because of perceived bias"

Here are some of the findings:

Respondents were asked if they believed all, most, some, little or none of news media reporting. Just 24.3% indicated they believe all or most news media reporting. While this is up from 19.6% in 2007, it remains lower than the 27.4% recorded in 2003.

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It's interesting that as Obama and the Dems push towards government control in every area of America that they can justify (currently health care), other countries are moving away from it.  As an example Canada has had socialized medicine for years, and it is the type of single-payer system we would have under Obamunism.  However, as reported by the AP, Canada is considering moving back to private health care delivery.  Why?  Because the system as it is is imploding:

SASKATOON — The incoming president of the Canadian Medical Association says this country's health-care system is sick and doctors need to develop a plan to cure it.

"We know that there must be change," she said. "We're all running flat out, we're all just trying to stay ahead of the immediate day-to-day demands."

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Although Obama and the Dems continue to deny it, health care rationing really is a concern with Obamacare, and seniors should be the most concerned.  As reported in the Wall Street Journal:

Elderly Americans are turning out in droves to fight ObamaCare, and President Obama is arguing back that they have nothing to worry about. Allow us to referee. While claims about euthanasia and "death panels" are over the top, senior fears have exposed a fundamental truth about what Mr. Obama is proposing: Namely, once health care is nationalized, or mostly nationalized, rationing care is inevitable, and those who have lived the longest will find their care the most restricted.


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As reported by Noel Sheppard:

The day before the House was to vote on a controversial energy bill destined to be the largest tax hike in American history, it was revealed that the Environmental Protection Agency had suppressed an internal report challenging the entire global warming myth. Despite the importance of this study, and how it related to a debate about to ensue on the House floor, its existence and suppression went almost completely ignored by America's media. This, of course, comes in stark contrast to regular and frequent news reports in previous years accusing the Bush White House of intentionally censoring the science of climate change.

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One thing people conveniently like to forget in their fight for gay rights, they forget that what the gays really want is to clamp down and take away free speech rights for anyone who might dare to speak out against them ("Free speech for me, but not for thee"). This includes the Daily Dead Fish Wrapper, who always manage to promote gay rights but not the rights of those who don't want homosexuality and all it's inherent dangers down their throats. This includes legal cases, where gays are forcing their point of view on anyone and everyone they can, because they can't stand dissent.

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