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As I pointed out in a long post yesterday, the Fish Wrapper editors continue to do their best to promote embryonic stem cell research, something that has yet to produce any results, even in light of new discoveries being made about the promise of adult stem cells.

One thing that I neglected to point out was how the Fish Wrapper (thanks to the AP), uses slanted poll results in a slanted manner to show their slanted point of view.

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I have yet to figure out why to many people - usually liberals - often times when evaluating someone for a position, it is much more important to focus on the race or gender of a person than on their qualifications.

I have seen it many times, in particular when people talk about the makeup of public safety agencies, or in sports leagues. We need more women, more blacks, more whatever - basically, anybody but white males. That is much more important than the person's qualifications.

Even though it is illegal to discriminate against people based on their race, gender, and other characteristics, for some reason that doesn't stop people from using that as a criteria.

Steve | Editorials, Stem Cell Research

When it comes to stem cell research (as with other issues), the Fish Wrapper editors continue to display their burning desire to not let the facts get in the way of their opinions. They demonstrate this desire with today's editorial entitled Multiplying stem-cell research could boost healing all around.

This is not the first (and unfortunately won't be the last) time the DFW editors have trotted out this nonsense. In a similar editorial two days before the November elections, they published a piece about Michael J. Fox's deceitful ads for Claire McCaskill, who was running for the U.S. Senate from Missouri. As I explained in detail, there was no basis in fact for Fox's claims.

Steve | Democrats, Front, Nancy Pelosi, Washington Post

As was to be expected, The Dead Fish Wrapper (along with the rest of the MSM) was drooling all over itself in its excitement that the Democrats control both houses of Congress. This is in stark contrast to the way they treated the Republicans when they came to power in 1994.

In addition, they trumpet the Dems talking about how they will work with the Republicans, but yet they hide the truth about how in reality they will be excluding the Republicans.

As with almost all Fish Wrapper articles in the front section, they come from the various wire services. The front page article was headlined "History reserves seat for Pelosi", and goes on and on about how the day belonged to Pelosi and all her quotes about partisanship.

Steve | Air America, Associated Press, Ignored Stories

As I pointed out here and here, the Fish Wrapper is quick to point out when something bad happens to a conservative, but they will do everything they can to hide - or not publish at all - a story if it involves anything negative about a liberal.

Today's demonstration of this tendency is a story about the now defunct - and waaaaaaaayyyyyyyy left liberal - Air America radio network. As you may - or may not - know, Air America recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Yesterday, the AP ran an article about the decision handed down by a New York bankruptcy court that said that a libel suit filed against AA in 2005 could go forward even though AA is under bankruptcy protection.

Steve | Anatol Lieven, Global Warming, New America Foundation, Opinion

As much as the Fish Wrapper editors try to deny it, their liberal bias - especially towards the topic of global warming - is evident every day in the columns they choose to run. Today's exhibit is an opinion piece by Anatol Lieven of the New America Foundation.

The basis for the article is the report issued by Sir Nicholas Stern, Head of the British Government Economics Service on the economics of climate change. According to this report, climate change "is the greatest and widest-ranging market failure ever seen." I won't waste time debunking it, since that has aleady been done superbly by Christopher Monckton of the British paper the Telegraph here and here. I would instead just like to point out the typical liberal faulty beliefs that permeate the article.

Steve | Christianity, Homosexuality, Metro, Oregon Gay-Straight Alliance, Profiles, Stephen Beaven, Teens

Today, Stephen Beaven of the Dead Fish Wrapper manages to kill two birds with one stone: promoting the homosexual agenda and hammering Christians (labeled as "fudamentalists" in the article) in one article, all (of course) under the guise of journalism. This week the Fish Wrapper is doing a series of articles on people "who experienced a big life change this year." The other three articles are on:

  • A man who charted dramatic weight loss
  • An immigrant who returns to college
  • A supermarket manager who became a teacher

Today's article - entitled Lesbian teen sees activism as "my job" - is about a senior at Cleveland High School named Sasha Villareal.

Steve | Associated Press, Global Warming, Laurie David, Living

Laurie David just won't go away. As I wrote about here and here, Ms. David wrote an op-ed piece in the Washington Post about how the National Science Teachers Association rejected her offer of 50,000 copies of The Inconvenient Lie (aka Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth"). However, as I wrote about in the Fish Wrapper, she forgot to mention the true facts.

Steve | Christmas, Editorials

When I opened up the Opinion section on Christmas Eve to the editorial page, I almost had to pick myself up up off the floor. As one of the editorials, under the title of "The birth of Jesus according to Luke", was the entire text of Luke 2:1-19 (KJV); nothing more, nothing less. It was a pleasant surprise. But, my pleasant surprise was short lived, because on Christmas day, the editors apparently forgot what they had published the day before and wrote about the "real" meaning of Christmas: family and friends.

Steve | Editorials, Iraq Study Group, Israel, Syria

When it comes to Israel, why is the liberal position always that Israel must give in to what useless organizations like the U.N. want, which is for Israel to basically quit defending itself, and now to sit down and talk with its neighbors? This is aptly demonstrated again today by the Fish Wrapper editors in their editorial Gaza chaos drives peace hopes backward. In a piece that is mostly about how the U.S. must find "some way" to negotiate peace in Gaza, the DFW editors continue to pound two points from the now-seen-as-useless Iraq Study Group report.

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