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The Fish Wrapper certainly doesn't like Lars Larson, and they're not afraid to show it. First, they mention him rather sarcastically in an article entitled 2006 Election: Winners and Losers, and now the publish a letter to the editor from a flaming liberal named John Perkins.

In a Saturday front-page article, The Oregonian identified local radio talk show host Lars Larson as a winner coming out of the elections. Other articles note comments from Don McIntire and Bill Sizemore and their impressions of the election.

Steve | Editorials, Iraq, Mike Price

One thing I've never understood about liberals - and liberal papers like the DFW - is that ever since 9/11, they've made the claim that "to dissent is patriotic." For instance, in one of today's editorials, Mike Francis propagates this lie:

This is a day to honor veterans, but that doesn't mean it can't also be a day to mourn war, or to express sadness and anger about the policies that put young men and women in harm's way. Dissent about the war in Iraq is, for many, another way of honoring those who serve.

Steve | Iraq, Letters to the Editor

Over the past few years, one of the typical Democrat talking points has been that the world's view of the U.S. has deteriorated sharply, and that we have squandered all of the "goodwill" we had after 9/11. Now that the elections are over and the Democrats have taken control of the House and Senate, what does the world think?

First, in a war like this, it is generally not a good thing when your enemies are encouraged:

“The American people have put their feet on the right path by ... realizing their president’s betrayal in supporting Israel,” the terror leader said. “So they voted for something reasonable in the last elections.”

Steve | Editorials, Illegal Immigration

What is it about liberals - and the Dead Fish Wrapper editors in particular - that they just don't get the word "illegal", as in illegal immigrants? Don't they understand that laws exist for a reason, and that, in the case of immigrants, breaking them means the law breaker should not be allowed to live here until they do obey the law? In another fine editorial today, the editors make the claim that we should not be building a fence along the border to keep illegal immigrants out.

Steve | Abortion, Editorials

In another fine editorial, Oregon goes it's own way on abortion, the DFW editorial board continues to illustrate the selfish attitude that is liberalism by trumpeting the failure of Measure 43 in yesterday's election. For those uninformed, Measure 43 would have required notification of parents of 15 - 17 year old girls who are planning on having an abortion.

By an impressive margin on Tuesday, they rejected Measure 43, a parental notification measure backed by pro-life groups. They also reaffirmed the state's libertarian leanings on moral issues.

Steve | Editorials, Michael J. Fox, Rush Limbaugh, Stem Cell Research

In one of today's editorials, "Stem cells and the suffering of real people," the Fish Wrapper editorial board attempts to do two things:

  1. Portray Michael J. Fox as a victim of big, bad Rush Limbaugh
  2. Continue to lead people to believe that embryonic stem cell research actually has promise.

First, they go after Limbaugh:

The scrapbook marked "Ugly" from Campaign 2006 is now nearly closed, but one moment stands out as uniquely grotesque. It almost requires an asterisk: No, we aren't making this up. It wasn't a cruel skit on "Monty Python." It really happened. Radio talker Rush Limbaugh really did accuse actor Michael J. Fox of deliberately avoiding his medications to accentuate the symptoms of his Parkinson's disease and thereby extort public sympathy -- and votes.

Steve | Ignored Stories, Polling

Yet another poll was released Sunday that showed an increase in support for Republican candidates. According to a survey by the Pew Research Center,

A nationwide Pew Research Center survey finds voting intentions shifting in the direction of Republican congressional candidates in the final days of the 2006 midterm campaign. The new survey finds a growing percentage of likely voters saying they will vote for GOP candidates. However, the Democrats still hold a 48% to 40% lead among registered voters, and a modest lead of 47%-43% among likely voters.

Steve | Ignored Stories

Here's an article you probably won't see in the Wrapper any time soon, because this time, the shoe is on the other foot. As reported by the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle:

November 2, 2006) — CORNING — Democratic congressional candidate Eric Massa fired his campaign manager in June and has accused him of providing alcohol to underage boys and inviting a teenage boy to spend the night with him.

Massa accused Sanford Dickert of New York City of luring three underage boys into his apartment in Corning and illegally providing them with beer and hard liquor. The ensuing party resulted in water damage to the apartment and to merchandise in an antique store under it. The store was forced to close for two days.

Steve | John Kerry, Letters to the Editor, Military

To read the Letters to the Editor today, one would think that the only opinions of letter writers was that what Kerry said was no big deal, and that Bush should be the one apologizing:

So John Kerry botched a joke, but President Bush has miserably botched the Iraq war. Bush owes all of America an apology for the Iraq debacle!

And here's one trying to resurrect another tired old argument:

If I were a U.S. soldier in Iraq, I would rather have President Bush send me adequate armament and more troops than have him send an apology from John Kerry.

Steve | John Kerry

Well I stand corrected. The Wrapper did publish something on Wednesday about Kerry's famous comments about being stuck in Iraq if you're not smart. While perusing the DFW web site, I came across the entry in the Editor's Blog where they explain how they really, truly didn't try to hide any mention of Kerry's remarks.

Actually, we did carry something, on Page A11, but we displayed it in such a way that it was difficult for readers to find. The article ran without a headline in the bottom corner of the News Focus page, which was dedicated to the campaign.

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