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Sometimes the bias displayed by the Fish Wrapper is a little more subtle than other times, but it's still there. Today, for instance, they bury a negative story about the down side of biofuel in a side column on page A6.

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — A U.N. expert on Friday called the growing practice of converting food crops into biofuel "a crime against humanity," saying it is creating food shortages and
price jumps that cause millions of poor people to go hungry.

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Well, I'm back in the saddle again, and it looks like some things never change. In this case, it is the way the Dead Fish Wrapper continues to pound the drum of environmental armageddon that is going to happen to us because the Earth's temperature has increased slightly. Today's example is Steve Duin's column "Stuck in denial as the river runs dry". I won't replicate the whole thing here, but the basic gist is that if we continue down the road we are going environmentally, then all is lost, but if we take control of the climate (as it is so easy for man to do), then things will be better.

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The global warming hype machine that is the Daily Dead Fish Wrapper continues full steam ahead in spite of a growing number of scientists speaking out against the hype. Today's example is a huge article on Bill Bradbury, Oregon's Secretary of State, and his "global warming roadshow" that takes up most of page D10 and one quarter of D11.

Bradbury attended Gore's indoctrination camp put on by The Climate Project, that teaches lay people how to go out and give the Goracle's schlockumentary slide show that An Inconvenient Truth is based on. The training camp was featured in USA Today:

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Since the recent death of Jerry Falwell, the wackos on the left and their compatriots in the liberal media have been, as expected, taking their shots at Jerry Falwell. The Daily Dead Fish Wrapper jumps right in with an editorial about Falwell.

It actually starts out in a pretty straightforward manner.

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It is time again to comment on the desire of the Fish Wrapper's - and liberals in general - to not let the facts get in the way of the story. This tendency is always on display when it comes to the topic of global warming, because the GW crowd doesn't like to let the facts about what causes our rising temperatures interfere with the doom and gloom of human caused warming.

One fact in particular that is ignored on a regular basis is the very distinct correlation between solar activity and temperature. It has already been demonstrated that Mars is warming (and there are no humans there to cause it), and now comes Neptune. In a paper published in Geophysical Research Letters (h/t World Climate Report), two astronomers demonstrate that not only is it warming, but it is shown that there is a direct link between solar activity and temperature on not only Neptune, but also Earth.

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Here's another article you would never see in the Daily Dead Fish Wrapper. Even the liberals are seeing through all of the global warming hype and Al Gore's lies.

In an article entitled "Who are the Merchants of Fear?" Alexander Cockburn of the left wing newsletter CounterPunch takes the Goracle to task for his hyping global warming for financial and political gain.

No response is more predictable than the reflexive squawk of the Greenhouse fearmongers that anyone questioning their claims is in the pay of the energy companies.

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For those liberals and cowards (such as Harry Reid and the editors of the Daily Dead Fish Wrapper) who keep insisting that we are losing in Iraq and should pull out immediately, here is a letter written by Mohammed Fadhil, a dentist in Baghdad and published in the New York Daily News (hat tip to Michelle Malkin):

Be Our Guest

I wasn't surprised when I saw Al Qaeda's second-in-command, Ayman al-Zawahiri, appear on Al Jazeera to announce America's defeat last week, not long after U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid did. Zawahiri claims Al Qaeda has won, and Reid claims America has lost.

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For today's demonstration of the liberal bias served up daily in the Daily Dead Fish Wrapper, we will compare and contrast, and throw in a little ignored stories action, too.

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One of the main points that the global warming hype crowd (such as just about everyone at the Daily Dead Fish Wrapper - at least those who write about GW) likes to beat to death in their attempts to convince us to ruin our economy is that the science behind the hype is based on consensus. This "consensus" is supposedly among "peer-reviewed" scientists (Sheryl Crow liked to throw that term around quite a bit on her "Stop Global Warming College Tour").

Well, it's time for an education on the truth about peer review. This education is provided in an article written by Robert Higgs, a Senior Fellow in Political Economy for the Independent Institute.

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One of the big stories that the Daily Dead Fish Wrapper has been beating to death this past week is Ted Kulongoski's pledge to live off of food stamps for a week in recognition of Hunger Awareness Week. According to Teddy's press release, $21 is the average amount that a person living off of food stamps receives per week.

Not only has the Fish Wrapper published multiple articles on the story, but so has the Associated Press.

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