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Here is yet another story you most definitely won't see in the Daily Dead Fish Wrapper. After Don Imus made his now famous quote about the Rutgers women's basketball team, Hillary-ous jumped on the bandwagon, and sent out a signed e-mail saying that Imus' words "showed a disregard for basic decency and were disrespectful and degrading to African Americans and women everywhere."

However, apparently that outrage only manifests itself when campaign money isn't involved. On March 31st, Hillary-ous attended a fund raiser event for her campaign hosted by Timbaland, a hip-hop producer and performer who is known for his misogynistic lyrics. The hypocrisy was noted by Colbert I. King in the Washington Post.

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On Wednesday (4/18/07) the Supreme Court upheld the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003 by a vote of 5-4. This law bans a very gruesome form of late term abortion where, as described to the judge in National Abortion Federation vs. Ashcroft

the physician grasps the fetus's lower extremity with fingers or forceps and pulls the fetus through the cervix and vagina until its head is lodged in the cervical opening. At this point, the fetus's arms and legs have been delivered outside the uterus while the fetus is still alive. With the fetus's head lodged in the cervix, the physician punctures the skull with scissors or crushes the head with forceps.... The physician then drains the fetus's skull by suction, or by using a finger, and the skull collapses.

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In it's "breaking news" today, the Daily Dead Fish Wrapper web site continues to tout the Democrats' quest to tout how a small minority of people can circumvent the wish of the large majority of Oregon voters. The occasion is the sneaking through of the Senate of Senate Bill2, the bill that will grant special rights to people based on behavior.

SALEM - Today, gay and lesbian Oregonians completed a quest - begun 34 years ago - when the Senate quickly, quietly and decisively passed a bill protecting them from discrimination in housing, work and public places.

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As I've documented here before, the Fish Wrapper, in its ongoing quest to push the liberal, homosexual agenda as far as it can, continues to trumpet Senate Bill 2. However, as usual, in doing so, it plays down the reverse discrimination and ideological indoctrination that is part of the bill.

In his article entitled "Gay-rights bills gain ground", Bill Graves states his point of view very clearly right off the top:

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In one of their latest editorials on the liberal push to cirumvent the wish of Oregon's voters in regards to same sex marriages, the Fish Wrapper editors continue to push the lie that these bills would strenghen gay and lesbian families.

Most of the piece rehashes the testimony from the legislaitve hearings this past Monday on Senate Bill 2 and House Bill 2007. These bills would create special rights for homosexuals and also come as close as possible to creating gay marriage in spite of the passage of Measure 36 in 2004 by a large margin.

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Now that the next part of the IPCC study has come out, the Daily Dead Fish Wrapper has been doing its best to overwhelm its readers with dire news about global warming. Just a brief search on the Fish Wrapper site for the term "IPCC" brings up 17 different AP articles about the useless study and all the politics behind the scenes.

Here are some of the articles:

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Most of the time, the Fish Wrapper's (and Associated Press') bias is pretty obvious, but sometimes it's a little more subtle. A perfect example of this subtle bias is an AP article about William Gray, one of our leading hurricane forecasters. Gray made some comments about Al Gore and his global warming hype:

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — A top hurricane forecaster called Al Gore "a gross alarmist" Friday for making an Oscar-winning documentary about global warming.

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The editors of the Daily Dead Fish Wrapper are at it again on one of their favorite topics, global warming. In today's editorial, they also employ the usual tactic of twisting an event to suit their pre-determined opinion. In this case, the title "The air clears on climate change" is very misleading because it applies to a case about the regulatory powers of the EPA.

The purpose of the article is the recent Supreme Court ruling in a case where the issue was whether the EPA had the authority to regulate carbon dioxide emissions. According to the title, you would think that the ruling provided definitive scientific evidence of anthropogenic global warming (and exactly when was the last time that judges were scientific experts?). Instead, it was just 12 states getting the liberal wingnuts of the Supreme Court to go along with them and try to force the administration to hamstring our economy.

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Welcome to another episode of what I like to call Ignored Stories. Today's story is about one of the sacred cows of liberalism, embryonic stem cell research. As I've documented here and here, the Fish Wrapper continues to tout embryonic stem cell research as the "last, best hope" for people like Michael J. Fox, even though there has yet to be one proven treatment or therapy derived from embryonic stem cells.

In the meantime, there is successful work being done with non-embryonic stem cells, but of course this isn't being reported in the MSM. Why? It shows that the taking of life by harvesting embryos isn't necessary, and since liberals don't value human life, they don't report it.

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It's time once again to add another entry to the category of Ignored Stories. These are very newsworthy stories that the Daily Dead Fish Wrapper chooses not to publish because they would put Democrats (or liberals in general) in a bad light.

Today's entry is about Dianne Feinstien, Democrat (definitely not Democratic) senator from that bastion of liberalism known as California. Back in January, Metroactive published an article exposing a huge ethical conflict of interest Feinstein had in her position on the Military Construction Appropriations subcommittee.

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