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I've mentioned a few times that I wonder if the Fish Wrapper would ever do a profile of a conservative, since it seems that they only profile liberal loonies like Jules Boykoff. Well, they finally managed to do it, but of course, it was about Vicki Berger, a "moderate" Republican. Translation: a Republican who is almost a Democrat. You can tell where the piece is going right from the beginning.

SALEM -- It's not every day that Oregon's Democratic governor personally thanks a Republican legislator for following the courage of her convictions.

Apparently it's only a good thing for Teddy when your convictions are for socialism and higher taxes.

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Here's a question to consider. Let's say that your state budget is expected to increase by 20% in the next biennium dur to increased tax revenues. However, your state economy, which, although it has lagged behind the rest of the country, has been doing well, is now showing signs of slowing down. What do you do?

Do you

A) Budget to spend all of that money, propose even more taxes for more spending, and then try to take additional money that is supposed to be returned to corporations out of the economy and into a "rainy day fund"?


B) Budget wisely, don't spend all of the increase in revenue, and keep some of the surplus in a rainy day fund?

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In their haste to beat of the anthropogenic global warming drum, the Fish Wrapper editorial board likes to claim that certain ideas will work without bothering to investigate whether or not what they claim is true.

Today's example of this tendency has to do with what is known as carbon credits. In their editorial on an agreement between Oregon, Washington, California, Arizona, and New Mexico to "work together to reduce the greenhouse gases linked to global warming," the Fish Wrapper makes the usual inaccurate and unsubstantiated claims that greenhouse gas emissions are the cause of global warming.

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Paul Krugman of the New York Times is usually so far off the deep end that it's not worth wasting breath on him. However, his column (originally published as a pay-per-view column on the Times site on 2/23) on global warming and California gives a good example of a method liberals use to attempt to stifle any attempt to disagree with them.

The article is about California, and how several policies that it has in place has caused a decrease in per capita energy consumption. Knowing Krugman and how he tends to twist facts to suit his point of view, I'm sure there are a number of factual errors in the piece, but I haven't had time to research them yet.

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Welcome to another edition of what I called Ignored Stories - stories that you won't read about in the Fish Wrapper because they might shed a bad light on liberals.

Today's edition is about Charles Rust-Tierney, the former president of the Virginia chapter of the American Criminal and Leftist Union (hat tip to Stop the ACLU). As reported by ABC News, he was arrested for possession of child pornography.

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Well, here we are again, addressing the Dead Fish Wrapper's admonitions that we should ignore our immigration laws and just give illegal immigrants all the same rights and privileges that law-abiding citizens get. Apparently those of us who actually believe in the awful idea of actually enforcing our laws deserve to be scolded again.

Today's arrogant lecture is an editorial about Bank of America's new program to issue credit cards to illegal immigrants.

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For some reason, it seems that liberals like to avoid responsibility for their own actions and expect other people to make up for that lack of responsibility. You see it in their continuous push for socialism instead of capitalism, and in their desire to make someone else pay for not using their brains.

Today's demonstration of this avoidance is an editorial in the Dead Fish Wrapper regarding a lawsuit against Philip Morris. For those not familiar with the story, here is a recap. In 1999, Mayola Williams won a lawsuit against Philip Morris USA for the death of her husband Jesse. Jesse had smoked two packs of cigarrettes per day for 30 years and had died of lung cancer in 1997. The jury had awarded her $821,485 in compensatory damages and $79.5 million in punitive damages. Philip Morris appealed, and the case went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Last week the court remanded the case back to the Oregon Supreme Court on the grounds that the jury had not been properly instructed that it could punish Philip Morris only for the harm done to the plaintiff, not to other smokers. In other words, the punitive damage award was way too high, and needs to be scaled back.

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As I documented yesterday, Peter Ames Carlin of the Fish Wrapper proved once again that it's okay to gloss over negative traits for liberals, but not for conservatives He did it in his puff piece about Thom Hartmann, the radio host taking over Al Franken's show on Air America since Franken has left after doing his best to run Air America into the ground.

One of the things I pointed out was how Carlin glossed over Hartmann's cheating to get out of military service.

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As I've documented here before multiple times, when it comes to profiles in the Fish Wrapper, they have to make liberals look as good as possible, even if it means conveniently "forgetting" to mention things that might be negative. But, if you're a conservative, nothing is too small or too negative to be included.

Today's demonstration of this is a profile of Thom Hartmann, a talk show host on KPOJ, the Portland affiliate of the liberal (now bankrupt) Air America radio network.

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As I read the editorials in the Fish Wrapper, one thing that always strikes me is the difference between what the editors try to convey and what they actually do convey. What they try to convey is they they are putting out these thoughtful, well-reasoned articles, but what they display is how their liberal bias governs everything they write and do.

Today's demonstration of this tendency is Saturday's editorial about the recent and upcoming votes on U.S. House and Senate resolutions against President Bush's proposal to send an additional 21,500 troops to Iraq.

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