Ex-Kulongoski Aide Arraigned For Child Porn, Fish Wrapper Buries Story

It's time for another episode of "Cover For The Democrat", as displayed yet again by the Daily Dead Fish Wrapper.  Today's episode concerns Scott Ballo, a former spokesman for Ted Kulongoski, who was arraigned today for having child pornography on his state-owned laptop.

Ex-Kulongoski aide arraigned in child porn case

Scott Ballo, a former spokesman for Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski, was arraigned this week in Marion County Circuit Court on two counts of encouraging child sex abuse and one count of official misconduct.

The sex abuse counts involve possessing pornographic images of people younger than 18.

The charges, all misdemeanors, stem from Ballo's time at the Oregon Economic and Community Development Department, where he was communications manager in 2003 and 2004.

Ballo traded his state-issued laptop for a desk computer and the agency found some "questionable files" on the laptop, said Perrin Damon, a department spokeswoman.

The Marion County district attorney's office did not return calls Thursday seeking details. Ballo's attorney, Larry Matasar, had no comment.

Ballo, 36, is a longtime Democratic consultant who served as Kulongoski's spokesman during his first campaign and when he took office in 2003. Ballo then worked at the economic development agency until May 2004.

A plea hearing is scheduled for Nov. 29.

Of course, this little snippet was buried in a side column on page B4 of the Metro section.

Now, what do you think would happen if Ballo had been an aide for a prominent Republican politician?  There would be multiple stories splashed all over the front page, as was done for Richard Curtis

For instance, when it comes to who knew about Neil Goldschmidt's rape of an underaged girl in the 1970s, the Fish Wrapper rakes Bernie Giusto over the coals, but they're willing to cover for Teddy K and suggest that everybody just "move on", even though he obviously knew about Goldschmidt's crime but is too cowardly to even talk to his own investigators about it.

Several witnesses corroborated Leonhardt's account of Giusto's conduct, the report said.

One who didn't was Gov. Ted Kulongoski. The governor said Leonhardt was wrong in saying he had discussed the abuse with Kulongoski when both were in the Goldschmidt administration.

Kulongoski didn't sit for an interview with investigators, sending his lawyers instead. The governor's office later requested that Kulongoski be allowed to respond in writing to accommodate his schedule, and investigators asked for his comments in a sworn statement. The governor provided an unsigned written statement.

One letter writer said it best:

What a surprise! Your coverage of the whole Sheriff Bernie Giusto episode sort of paints a negative light about him. You may be correct, as I don't know him and know nothing more than what I read.

But your editorial in Sunday's paper about Gov. Ted Kulongoski ("Echoes of a scandal") goes 180 degrees the other way. You believe Fred Leonhardt and Margie Goldschmidt about Giusto -- that he had information about the Neil Goldschmidt fiasco back in the mid-1990s -- but you refuse to believe their same accusations that Kulongoski also knew at about the same time and did not come forward.

I must admit that I am not surprised by your view or take on the situation. The Oregonian (which I have read for 50 years) is about 90 to 95 percent in bed with Democrats regularly, and Giusto has never been popular among local pols.

In fact, it appears that the Fish Wrapper covered up the story, and instead let Willamette Week break it.

But then again, asking for fair coverage from the Dead Fish Wrapper would be asking the impossible, as has been proven many times.



Waah, waah... "the liberal media" is so unfair...

Break out the tin foil hats, righties...

You people really crack me up.

Glad to see you've seen the light

A liberal making comments about tin-foil hats?  That's funny.  This commenter needs to read up on his surveys of "professional journalists"

Four Time more journalists identify themselves as Liberals
Two Thirds of voters think journalists want Obabma to win
Public see liberal bias in news media

And I could keep going on and on with results like this.  Seeing a pattern here yet?

Try not to let the facts get in the way...

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