Quick To Identify Republicans, But Always Willing To Cover For Democrats

Yet another method the the Daily Dead Fish Wrapper uses to display its bias is picking and choosing when to identify the political party affiliation of someone who has been accused of a crime. The rules are simple: if it's a Republican, make sure and highlight the party affiliation immediately, but if the person is a Democrat, either don't mention that at all or bury it very deep in the story.

This tendency can be easily illustrated with three separate articles. They are about Richard Curtis, a Washington state Representative. He had sex with another man that he had met at an erotic video store. He went to the police when the man tried to extort money from him, which was when his story came out.

Take a look at the first paragraphs fom two different stories run by the Fish Wrapper on Curtis and see if you can tell which party he is with:

Washington lawmaker quits amid sex scandal

VANCOUVER -- State Rep. Richard Curtis, R-La Center, the reluctant subject of a police investigation into the theft of his wallet after he had a sexual encounter with another man, resigned from office today.

Curtis, 48, said in a written statement that he's submitted his resignation to Gov. Chris Gregoire, effective immediately.


State legislator asked police to keep quiet

At his first meeting with Spokane police Friday, state Rep. Richard Curtis, R-La Center, told detectives he'd had sex with another man early that morning and that his wallet was missing, according to police documents.

Curtis told investigators he wanted his wallet returned and that he was the victim of an extortion attempt. And he had another request: Don't charge anyone with a crime.

Notice how quick they are to identify that Curtis is a Republican - the very first sentence each time.

Now, the next time a Democrat is charged with a crime, notice where (if at all), their political party is mentioned. I can almost guarantee it won't be in the first sentence.

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