Duin On The Global Warming Hype Machine Again

Well, I'm back in the saddle again, and it looks like some things never change. In this case, it is the way the Dead Fish Wrapper continues to pound the drum of environmental armageddon that is going to happen to us because the Earth's temperature has increased slightly. Today's example is Steve Duin's column "Stuck in denial as the river runs dry". I won't replicate the whole thing here, but the basic gist is that if we continue down the road we are going environmentally, then all is lost, but if we take control of the climate (as it is so easy for man to do), then things will be better.

Ten years ago, Ron Neilson, a U.S. Forest Service bioclimatologist, gave a short talk on climate change to his
daughter's class at Corvallis High School. "When I was done," Neilson said, "I looked out across this
sea of high school faces . . . and all I saw was doom and gloom."

Neilson wasn't surprised -- "They used to call me Doctor Doom because of the scenarios I was presenting,"
he said -- but he was more than a little alarmed. "We cannot send the next generation into the future," he
realized, "with that sense of doom and gloom," paralyzed by the conviction that all is lost.

Gee, why would kids have that feeling of doom and gloom? Is it the constant bombardment they are subjected to in the MSM of the global warming hype? But I digress...

As with the rest of the MSM, one of the culprits that Duin trots out is the wildfires in California that have been raging all week.

It's a bad week for alternative conclusions. By noon Wednesday, more than 666 square miles of the Southern
California tinderbox -- Los Angeles went 150 consecutive days this year without rain -- has been charcoaled.

This also in spite of things like an article in the ultra liberal LA Times quoting multiple scientists demonstrating that global warming can't be to blame for the fires. Instead of using the ubiquitous global warming hype claim what he needs to look at is things look bad environmental policies that prevent any type of forest thinning or brush cutting. These incredibly narrow minded policies that have been forced on is by environmental whackos who don't believe in any type of proper forest managment have provided the fuel for these fires. In fact, it has been demonstrated in more than one place that clearing out brush actually saved a number of homes.

Oh, and by the way, how exactly did these fires start? Wasn't it arson, and not global warming? Another of those little "inconvenient truths"...

He continues on with the doom and gloom forecast

As The New York Times reported Tuesday, Gov. Sonny Perdue waited until Saturday to declare a state of emergency in
Georgia after spending five months in a state of denial.

He's far from alone. "We take weather for granted," said Neilson, who also teaches at Oregon
State. "When many of us were growing up, particularly in the '40s through the '70s, weather was
extraordinarily benign. That has made us very complacent. A little warmth here, a little drought there, it's not a
big deal."

All that has changed, whether we realize that or not. The forecast, Neilson said, is for increasingly volatile and
unpredictable weather patterns "that are unprecedented since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Our
experiential framework doesn't encompass these cataclysmic events. We just assume the future will echo the

This line gets really tired, too. Everybody talks about the long term forecast (such as the predictions by the Goracle about sea levels rising over the next 100 years), which is a joke. We can't even accurately predict next week's weather accurately. In addition, most climatologists will tell you that there are so many climate variables that we don't understand, that there is no way we can predict the weather that far out.

And, the grand finale:

We can continue to worship before the altar of the status
quo or get off our knees and begin wrestling with this
runaway change.

We can bridle the beast or be stampeded by it, but we can no
longer pretend the horse hasn't left the barn.

Ah, yes, we must continue to control the standard climate ups and downs that the earth has been going through for thousands of years, even though we have a very minimal impact.

And the beat goes on...



Global Warming

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