Fish Wrapper Hides Dark Side of Anti-War Protest

Considering the biased coverage given to the anti-war protesters (and the much larger in number) counter protesters in Washington D.C on March 17th by papers like the Washington Post, I expected the same from the Dead Fish Wrapper when they covered the anti-war protests that took place in Portland the next day. Needless to say, I wasn't surprised at all. There was one difference from the Washington DC protests, though, and that was what the Fish Wrapper hid; instead of hiding a larger number of counter protesters, they hid the dark, repulsive side of the protest.

As would be expected from the DFW, the article does its best to portray the march as "family friendly" (for the most part).

Marching to the solemn cadence of church bells in downtown Portland, thousands of anti-war protesters marked four years of war in Iraq on Sunday with rage, lamentation and demands for President Bush to bring U.S. troops home.

Under a sky of drifting silver clouds, the marchers, many carrying signs with slogans such as "Jail to the Chief," "Bring My Sister Home," and "Jesus Hates War," moved peacefully along the 24-block route.

Early on, black-clad anarchists wearing masks and banging drums forced themselves into the lead position. After the march, police said a dozen members of a "fringe group" numbering about 200 were arrested during a brief clash.

But according to Margo Lidder of Portland, these anarchists really aren't such bad guys.

From the dog wearing the sign "Bow Wow Peace Now" to the black-clad percussion-playing "anarchists" to a woman remembering her 53-year-old friend Ron Paulson, who was killed in Iraq, to the surrealistic black-clad police officers hanging onto vans, flag-draped coffins and magnificent horses, it was quite the downtown Portland day.

These "anarchists" are our kids. The ones not following the rules (the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and so on) are running our government.

The "anarchists" handed me a list of "Cult Rules." I was curious to see into their world. Number 2 on the list was "We like to look at trees." [These are] kids who have a sense of humor. The "anarchists" I encountered were just kids speaking up, kids who were polite and respectful to me.

Kindness to our children and prayers to bring our troops home.

I think Ms. Lidder needs to do a little more research on the politeness and respect of the anarchist movement, don't you?

A splinter group of protesters lingered through the evening at the Justice Center. The number of arrests grew steadily after the main march ended, reaching 15 by 9 p.m., said Officer Catherine Kent, a Portland Police Bureau spokeswoman.

"There's a group that just doesn't want to leave," she said. But the group dwindled as darkness deepened.

Arrest charges varied from harassment to disorderly conduct and vandalism. Several members of the media covering the interaction of protesters and police were spray-painted on the back, Kent said.

What? Vandalism at an anti-war protest? Never!!

But the incidents did little to dampen what was for the most part a family-friendly rally.

Baby strollers and middle-schoolers with peace symbols painted on their foreheads mingled with flag-draped coffins and veterans of different generations holding signs opposing the war.

And most of the rest of the article was the typical quotes from the liberal lefties.

Nearby, Portland attorney Bernadette Janet said she gets regular postings from Gov. Ted Kulongoski when another Oregon soldier dies in Iraq. "When I see another 19-year-old die," she said, "it's the least I can do to come down here."

Unlike Vietnam, she said, "people are not against the troops. They are against the president."

And, as usual, they demonstrate the liberal affinity for not letting the facts get in the way of a bad opinion.

The war, said Raed Jarrar, an Iraqi-Palestinian writer, "is happening because of the occupation, not in spite of it."

"There are Iraqis who can rebuild their country," he said. "They don't need someone to come from thousands of miles away to tell them how to treat their neighbor. They are the only ones who can end this violence."

Jarrar said Iraqis are increasingly unwilling to work with U.S. forces. Most are against "the occupiers," he said.

I think Mr. Jarrar needs to do a little more research on the latest data next time, although it would take a little looking, since the Fish Wrapper and the MSM don't like to publish positive news about the war.

And on and on the drivel goes.

But now, for the rest of the story.

What they didn't show you were pictures like this (as reported at Michelle Malkin and Little Green Footballs).

And here's another picture from Portland to give new meaning to the term "family friendly protest".

Planting the seed for the next crop of liberals. Looks like a family friendly protest to me.

Isn't great that Portland gets national attention for crap like this?

Notice that it's not the Fish Wrapper that was the original publisher of all these pictures. But when two of your main goals are to be a proponent of the liberal agenda and to try to hide anything that might show liberals for who they truly are, why would you?

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