Ignored Stories - Global Warming On Neptune Not Caused By Humans

It is time again to comment on the desire of the Fish Wrapper's - and liberals in general - to not let the facts get in the way of the story. This tendency is always on display when it comes to the topic of global warming, because the GW crowd doesn't like to let the facts about what causes our rising temperatures interfere with the doom and gloom of human caused warming.

One fact in particular that is ignored on a regular basis is the very distinct correlation between solar activity and temperature. It has already been demonstrated that Mars is warming (and there are no humans there to cause it), and now comes Neptune. In a paper published in Geophysical Research Letters (h/t World Climate Report), two astronomers demonstrate that not only is it warming, but it is shown that there is a direct link between solar activity and temperature on not only Neptune, but also Earth.

Neptune is the planet farthest from the Sun (Pluto is now considered only a dwarf planet), Neptune is the planet farthest from the Earth, and to our knowledge, there has been absolutely no industrialization out at Neptune in recent centuries. There has been no recent build-up of greenhouse gases there, no deforestation, no rapid urbanization, no increase in contrails from jet airplanes, and no increase in ozone in the low atmosphere; recent changes at Neptune could never be blamed on any human influence. Incredibly, an article has appeared in a recent issue of Geophysical Research Letters showing a stunning relationship between the solar output, Neptune’s brightness, and heaven forbid, the temperature of the Earth. With its obvious implications to the greenhouse debate, we are certain you have never heard of the work and never will outside World Climate Report.[...]

In the recent article, Hammel and Lockwood, from the Space Science Institute in Colorado and the Lowell Observatory, note that measurements of visible light from Neptune have been taken at the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona since 1950. Obviously, light from Neptune can be related to seasons on the planet, small variations in Neptune’s orbit, the apparent tilt of the axis as viewed from the Earth, the varying distance from Neptune to Earth, and of course, changes in the atmosphere near the Lowell Observatory. Astronomers are clever, they are fully aware of these complications, and they adjust the measurements accordingly.[...]

Hammel and Lockwood conclude that “In summary, if Neptune’s atmosphere is indeed responding to some variation in solar activity in a manner similar to that of the Earth albeit with a temporal lag” then “Neptune may provide an independent (and extraterrestrial) locale for studies of solar effects on planetary atmospheres.”

World Climate Report has covered many articles in the scientific literature showing that variations in solar output, including variations within specific wavelengths (e.g., cosmic, ultraviolet, visible, infrared) are highly correlated with temperature variations near the Earth’s surface. Believe it or not, when the Sun is more energetic and putting out more energy, the Earth tends to warm up, and when the Sun cools down, so does the Earth. The Hammel and Lockwood article reveals that the same is true out at Neptune; when the Sun’s energy increases, Neptune seems to warm up and get brighter given a decade lag.

If for some reason you do not believe that the Sun is a significant player in determining the temperature of the Earth (after all, we are told repeatedly that humans are causing most of the observed warming on the Earth), then asked yourself if you believe that Neptune’s temperature is controlled by the Sun. How is it possible that the Earth’s temperature is so highly correlated with brightness variations from Neptune? The news from Neptune comes to us just weeks after an article was published showing that Mars has warmed recently as well.

If nothing else, we have certainly learned recently that planets undergo changes in their mean temperature, and while we can easily blame human activity here on the Earth, blaming humans for the recent warming on Mars and Neptune would be an astronomical stretch, to say the least.

Interesting. What's the chance you will see information like this published in the Fish Wrapper, or the rest of MSM, for that matter? Exactly none, because that would go against the global warming hype that they like to plaster all over the front page.



What the liberals won't tell you is that Neptune is their home planet (shhhh... they're keeping it a secret because they don't want the republicans to know their source of power). Now if they would just return home we'd all be better off. Hopefully Hillary will sound the trumpet and they'll all board the mother ship and head back to their homeland.

"Welcome to the democratic party headquarters, press 1 for Spanish, press 2 for Neptunian, press 99 for English"

Exactly right

LOL, you hit the nail right on the head there.

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