Hiding Kerry Remarks "Example of the Frenetic Pace of Politics"

Well I stand corrected. The Wrapper did publish something on Wednesday about Kerry's famous comments about being stuck in Iraq if you're not smart. While perusing the DFW web site, I came across the entry in the Editor's Blog where they explain how they really, truly didn't try to hide any mention of Kerry's remarks.

Actually, we did carry something, on Page A11, but we displayed it in such a way that it was difficult for readers to find. The article ran without a headline in the bottom corner of the News Focus page, which was dedicated to the campaign.

No articles on the flap came through our wire services from The New York Times, The Washington Post or the Los Angeles Times. The Associated Press did provide a story, and we used a truncated version.

However, as I documented in my original post, every other major daily had an article in their editions on that day. Of course, most of them did everything they could to downplay the remarks, but here are some examples:

By 8 or 9 a.m. Pacific time, readers looking for coverage of this dispute were trying to find the brief mention we carried. Many felt we had ignored the story or, if they found it, they felt that we had buried it for partisan reasons.

What?!? The DFW partisan? Never!!

In reality, it appears to be an excellent example of the frenetic pace of politics -- and political flaps -- in the last week before an election, especially any as hard-fought as this one.

So in other words, all the other major papers could manage to publish articles - some even on the front page - but apparently the "frenetic pace" is just too much for the DFW.

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