DFW: The State Knows Better Than The Parents

In another fine editorial, Oregon goes it's own way on abortion, the DFW editorial board continues to illustrate the selfish attitude that is liberalism by trumpeting the failure of Measure 43 in yesterday's election. For those uninformed, Measure 43 would have required notification of parents of 15 - 17 year old girls who are planning on having an abortion.

By an impressive margin on Tuesday, they rejected Measure 43, a parental notification measure backed by pro-life groups. They also reaffirmed the state's libertarian leanings on moral issues.

Impressive? No, that's heartbreaking and sickening. What they affirmed is our state's culture of death, where life has no importance if it is inconvenient to someone else.

In Oregon, at least, abortion is still a private medical decision -- even for teenage girls.

Even if it does involve ending the life of a perfectly developed human being.

One thing I don't understand is why for liberals, is privacy the ultimate goal? They invented - with the help far left liberal judges like Ruth Bader Ginsburg - the "right to privacy", even though it exists nowhere in the consitution. I guess I would want to hide the fact that I had murdered another human being, too, if I had done it.

Measure 43 would have banned Oregon doctors from performing abortions on girls ages 15 to 17 without first notifying a parent. The measure had obvious appeal, even to ardently pro-choice voters: It is heartbreaking to think of any girl undergoing something as traumatic as an abortion without support from her parents.

Well, it's nice that they're willing to grant that abortion can be traumatic.

But the costs of this anti-abortion measure far outweighed the benefits. Research shows that teenagers will delay getting medical care when they're worried about confidentiality. This translates to later-term abortions for some girls and less prenatal care for others.

Oregon voters rightly found these risks unacceptable.

Unacceptable risks? How about the risks to the woman who has an abortion. There are lists of studies that demonstrate the harmful effects that abortion has on women:

  • Abortion is significantly linked to behavioral changes such as promiscuity, smoking, drug abuse, and eating disorders which all contribute to increased risks of health problems.
  • Abortion increases the risk of placenta previa in later pregnancies
  • Abortion is significantly related to an increased risk of subsequent ectopic pregnancies. Ectopic pregnancies, in turn, are life threatening and may result in reduced fertility

And that's just for starters. Why is it that the liberals never want to talk about those risks? Simple; their own privacy and autonomy is much more important than anything - or anyone - else.

In some ways, it's not surprising that Oregon voters defied national trends and rejected this measure. The state places no restrictions on early-term abortions, and Oregon is ranked among the top 10 states for its progressive policies on contraception and family planning.

Translation: Oregon is among the top tem states for killing people either before they're born or after they're no longer useful.

But there's hope.

Still, Oregon is fighting a rising tide.

For example, the Supreme Court has chosen to hear arguments today on partial-birth abortion. The rightward-shifting court may well broaden the definition of "reasonable" abortion restrictions.

Congress and the Bush administration, for their part, continue to promote laws and policies defining a fetus as a separate person needing legal protection. If the Supreme Court accepts this premise, states would be free to treat all abortion as murder.

News to the editors; that's a good thing!

One interesting medical note here. Defining the fetus as a separate person is actually a medically accurate description. A little Google search on "immune response" and "pregnancy" retrieves a multitude of documents explaining how the fetus is separate from the mother's body, and if it weren't for some ingenius overrides, the mother's immune response would treat it as an invader and reject it.

Today, 32 states restrict public funding of abortion; 24 states require waiting periods; 34 states require parental notification or consent; and 28 states require some kind of abortion counseling. While South Dakota voters did appear to reject a near-total ban on abortion yesterday, the pro-life state remains famously unfriendly to women seeking abortions.

No, they just realize that the defenseless fetus needs protecting.

Oregon hasn't gone down this road. It doesn't treat pregnant women as fools or public property,

No, Oregon just doesn't care about the woman and the terrible consequences, both physical and emotional, that abortion has. Liberals are so quick to condemn pro-lifers for supposedly not being there to take care of the baby and mother who can't have an abortion (which is an outright lie), but tell me this; where are the liberals when the mother needs help with all the detrimental effects of abortion? Nowhere to be found.

and it doesn't make abortion inaccessible for low-income women and teenagers, as so many states do.

Will somebody please explain to me why abortion is the cure-all that fixes everything? It doesn't fix anything.

This is not exactly something to celebrate, given the sad circumstances behind abortion.

If it's so sad, then why protect it so strongly?

Is it just me, or does this sound more and more like Big Brother all the time? In addition to all the other things the state knows better than us about, the state also knows teenagers better than the parents themselves. How do they come by this amazing knowledge?

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