It's All Lars' Fault

The Fish Wrapper certainly doesn't like Lars Larson, and they're not afraid to show it. First, they mention him rather sarcastically in an article entitled 2006 Election: Winners and Losers, and now the publish a letter to the editor from a flaming liberal named John Perkins.

In a Saturday front-page article, The Oregonian identified local radio talk show host Lars Larson as a winner coming out of the elections. Other articles note comments from Don McIntire and Bill Sizemore and their impressions of the election.

The question I have is, "Who are these guys and why does anyone listen to them?"

Oregon has suffered for the last 15 years because of their self-centered, backward politics. We have repeatedly had to deal with their half-baked ideas on how the state should be run. In almost all cases they have been wrong and roundly defeated at the polls. And yet they keep pumping out more garbage.

I think Mr.Perkins needs to be reminded that we have had a Democratic governor for the past 12 years and the majority of the past 25, and wehave had to suffer with his half baked ideas (and that's being generous) on how the state should be run. He is the one that continues to pump out the garbage.

With the latest election results, the citizens of Oregon have overwhelmingly said "no" to them. Why does The Oregonian keep listening to them? They bring nothing new or positive to the table.

And the Governor has brought exactly how much to the table? The list of positive things he accomplished in his first term is an empty one. I think the more appropriate question is, why do we keep electing Democrats? In my opinion, it's blind ideology instead of an awareness of the situation the state is in.

Oregon needs to move ahead to improve education, the environment, health care and other issues that make Oregon a great place to live and raise a family.

Very true. Unfortunately, it isn't something that will happen with Democrats in power.

Mr. Perkins, you got most of the letter right; the problem is, you're talking about the wrong people. If you write the exact same thing about Kulongoski, then you would have some accurate statements.

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