Welcome to the Dead Fish Wrapper Watch

Welcome to the Dead Fish Wrapper Watch, a place to expose the far left liberal leanings of The Oregonian, the daily newspaper for Oregon and SW Washington. I envision this site as a local version of sites like Newsbusters and TimesWatch. The inspiration for the name of the site comes from talk radio host Lars Larson, who refers to The Oregonian as The Daily Dead Fish Wrapper. It will contain a blog by myself, as well as (hopefully) other contributors. The idea is to comment on the various articles that appear daily in the Fish Wrapper and show how the author's and editor's liberal biases come shining through on a regular basis. Feel free to offer comments and suggestions. The more input we get, the better the site will be. If you like the site and would like to write a blog yourself, please contact me.

Nice site. The name reminds

Nice site. The name reminds me of a book I once read, I think by Bill Bryson, wherein he always referred to the USA Today as "Bird Cage Liner." Apparently, that's all he felt the paper was good for. Keep up the good work.

Another issue rising, is the

Another issue rising, is the actual access to physical newspapers. Friends in Lakeview and Christmas Valley say the Oregonian doesn't deliver to them anymore around there. I thought it odd, but I was just recently informed that the Oregonian would no longer be delivering in many communities in South Douglas County. There is a news drain occuring in rural communities.

Great Idea Steve!

Awesome idea Steve! Time to balance the "news" in Portland. Good luck with the site and let us know how we can help!

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