"What would be your position on the placement of 5 "criminally insane" people, all guilty but insane of such crimes as murder, arson or rape, next to a grade school and allowing each of these people (90) minutes of "unsupervised" walks past the school?"

I will check for responses...THANKS! Jack Peek

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Jack Peek

If you think that the "nice" mentally ill people group home next to you is a boon to the neighborhood, think again, that individual who was deemed criminally insane....COULD HAVE TRIED TO BURN A GRADE SCHOOL DOWN!

Some of these patients DO NOT BELONG in any neighborhood, there is going to be a 6PM newstory if more control and accountability is not pushed for soon.


Jack Peek

Today, I found out that even the cops(who in this town) are not a favorite group, and will be more hamstrung even more......FAILED, by a vote of one, that being the leader of the union, did not respond to repeated emails/etc. to make certain groups who site VIOLENT, CRIMINALLY INSANE PEOPLE, right out of the state mental hospital, provide the police rank an file locations of PSRB criminally insane locations.

The idea being, that if they have more data as to the DIRECT potential for violence from these so-called "mentally ill" people, perhaps a better outcome may happen next to shooting one of them.

Too many years......way too many, I've wasted my life trying to seek a middle ground, but yet protect those that have to deal with this threat to community safety.

Two things today: 1. A third party well known to the state for his work on crime victims rights quit trying, an may well have never done what I asked him to do, that being contacting the president of the union, asking him to stand for his rank an file and get the information to these men an woman before they have to make a split second decision for life or death.

When he quit....I realized my total work was for nothing!

2: In Texas, it was disclosed that while sex offender information to neighborhoods is becoming more available, there is NO disclosure of a sex offender status if your a minor, in other words, your daughter maybe sitting in class with a sex offender, and for the same stupid reasons of "confidentiality" YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD, may have (5) men/women, judged guilty but insane of murder, arson or rape, next to a grade school.

In Texas, they have elected officials with the guts to fix these problems, as they are addressing the YOUTH sex offender deal now in the Texas senate. That would happen here as sure as that "knighted poet" city councilor, Randy Leonard could fly(he quit this issue early).

So, If the people that could make a difference will not fight....I have been a fool, thinking I could make this deal work for all. My horrible mistake!!!


Jack Peek

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