Waving The False Flag of Global Warming Yet Again

I'm hoping someday, that in the light of true evidence, and not the twisted evidence that people like Al Gore parade around, the MSM will quit hyping global warming as the biggest threat to ever face mankind, especially considering that over the years they have waffled back and forth so much on whether we are headed for a deep freeze or are going to fry to death. However, until then, we can keep expecting articles like today's Dead Fish Wrapper editorial, Shrinking from the heat of global warming.

A Bush administration that usually claims the power to do whatever it wants will argue today that the federal government doesn't have the authority to address global warming, the biggest environmental threat to the planet.

Actually, it seems that the biggest cause of global warming is the hot air put out by all the people hyping it, like Al Gore.

For those interested in some more reading, here are some links worth taking a look at:

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And here's an interesting article from the Washington Times about how those who dare to speak out against the global warming hype are suppressed.

Here's a typical liberal MSM (isn't that a duplication in terms?) trick; make it look like all the evidence is on your side without providing facts.

The Bush administration contends that because carbon dioxide and other so-called greenhouse gases are essentially harmless to breathe, they are not "pollutants" and therefore not subject to government regulation. Never mind that an overwhelming majority of scientists now agrees that these greenhouse gases are trapping heat in the atmosphere and causing temperature increases that are melting polar ice caps and raising temperatures and sea levels.

Here's a question for the editors: how is "overwhelming majority" defined? Do all scientists study global warming, or are there perhaps a few other scientific areas other than global warming that are worthy of study? Was a poll taken of all scientists? Was it determined that more than %51 of "all" scientists agree with that statement? I'd be curious to see those poll results.

But, true to form, the editors don't let the facts get in the way and conclude:

With that kind of split decision, at least states such as Oregon could adopt regulations to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, even while the Bush administration dithers and ducks the gravest environmental threat of our time.

"Our time" must be a short time, then, because in the 1970s, the MSM was warning about the coming ice age, especially the New York Times and Newsweek. But hey, you gotta have hype to sell papers, right?

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