Still Promoting Global Warming With Laurie David

Laurie David just won't go away. As I wrote about here and here, Ms. David wrote an op-ed piece in the Washington Post about how the National Science Teachers Association rejected her offer of 50,000 copies of The Inconvenient Lie (aka Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth"). However, as I wrote about in the Fish Wrapper, she forgot to mention the true facts.

Well, it seems she just won't go away. Today, the Fish Wrapper prints an AP (that bastion of unbiased journalism) piece about Ms. David and her suggestions for "going green". And, of course, they get in some quotes of hers about how global warming is all man's fault.

Some scientists and climate models are predicting that unchecked human-caused global warming over the next century is expected to raise sea levels and cause extremes in temperatures.

"The public is finally starting to get that if you drive a car, or do many other things, you're a carbon emitter -- and you're contributing to the problem," David said.

Too bad that statement is easily debunked, huh?

But, if it sells papers and fills space, who cares if it's accurate, right?

At the big O, they have a

At the big O, they have a motto: Never let a few facts get in the way of a good story.

Judging by the ongoing decline in circulation and ad sales, it might be time for a new motto. But, naah!

As I noted yesterday, some 87% of atmospheric methane - by far the most potent of any of the so-called "greenhouse gases" - is generated by two things: wetlands, and termites. Unsurprisingly, the very folks who want you to stop driving are the very folks who want to enhance and expand wetlands.

Clearly, they lack any real understanding of the "greenhouse gases" that they want you to stop producing.


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You need to do a little

You need to do a little reading here before submitting stuff like this. Global warming is nothing but liberal hype by people who need some sort of doom and gloom to scare everyone with. Try looking at the evidence a little more closely.

It may be, but there is no

It may be, but there is no evidence that the sole cause of it is humans. How do you explain things like the Medieval Warm Period? How did the last ice age end, since that implies warming, and it happened before human industry became so prevalent? There are so many other documented causes (solar flares, etc.) that it is grossly inadequate to attribute it solely to humans.

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