Dead Fish Wrapper Ignores Stories About Air America Troubles

As I pointed out here and here, the Fish Wrapper is quick to point out when something bad happens to a conservative, but they will do everything they can to hide - or not publish at all - a story if it involves anything negative about a liberal.

Today's demonstration of this tendency is a story about the now defunct - and waaaaaaaayyyyyyyy left liberal - Air America radio network. As you may - or may not - know, Air America recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Yesterday, the AP ran an article about the decision handed down by a New York bankruptcy court that said that a libel suit filed against AA in 2005 could go forward even though AA is under bankruptcy protection.

A federal bankruptcy court in New York ruled Thursday that the case could proceed despite the fact that Air America has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Under federal law, legal proceedings against a company are frozen when the company declares bankruptcy.

CACI International asked the bankruptcy court in November to allow its case to go forward, arguing that its claims against Air America are covered by an insurance policy and any damages would be paid out of that policy and not from the company's assets.

The company sued Air America and its parent company, Piquant LLC, as well as Rhodes in the fall of 2005 for defamation. The suit stemmed from comments Rhodes made Aug. 25-26, 2005 on her radio show. According to CACI's complaint, she accused CACI employees of raping and murdering Iraqi civilians at Abu Ghraib prison, claims that CACI said were "false and defamatory."

CACI is seeking $1 million in compensatory damages and $10 million in punitive damages. An Air America spokeswoman declined to comment on the lawsuit.

In addition to this lawsuit (as documented at Newsbusters and Radio Equalizer), two people from the Gloria Wise Community Center, a government funded youth organization, are under indictment for funneling $1.2 million dollars to Air America.

Now here's the question to think about; if this suit had been against Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh, do you think this story would have been ignored? Not at all! It would be splashed all over the paper, as well as probably leading the evening newscasts of all three major networks.

The other interesting part of the story is the source of the article; the AP. The Fish Wrapper editors have claimed on their public blog that one of the criteria they use for determining whether a story should be published is whether the major wire services have picked it up. In this case, and in the case of other articles on Air America, the stories have been published by the AP. Yet, for some reason, the Fish Wrapper doesn't pick them up. How quickly do you think they would publish the story if it was about Hannity or Limbaugh?

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