The Wrapper Gets In Swift Boat Smear

It's been two years, and still the Wrapper manages to slip in how John Kerry was "victimized" in the 2004 election. In the Thursday News Focus section, Steve Mayes writes a piece about how the GOP has supposedly "let Mike Erickson drift" in his race against Darlene Hooley in the race for Oregon's 5th district.

Towards the end of the article, Mayes mentions some funding Erickson received from the Economic Freedom Fund:

Erickson got some help a few weeks ago from the conservative Economic Freedom Fund, bankrolled by Texas homebuilder Bob Perry. The group, known for its "Swift boat" attack ads in 2004 that distorted John Kerry's military record, started running a pair of powerful anti-Hooley television commercials and mailing several negative fliers.

So much for unbiased reporting. Unfortunately, it is not the truth. As documented at TimesWatch and Newsbusters, not only did the Swifties not lie, but John Kerry seemed to have problems with the truth himself.

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