Dead Fish Wrapper Twists Biased Poll To Promote Embryonic Stem Cell Research

As I pointed out in a long post yesterday, the Fish Wrapper editors continue to do their best to promote embryonic stem cell research, something that has yet to produce any results, even in light of new discoveries being made about the promise of adult stem cells.

One thing that I neglected to point out was how the Fish Wrapper (thanks to the AP), uses slanted poll results in a slanted manner to show their slanted point of view.

An Associated Press-AOL News poll last week found that about 56 percent of Americans now favor easing restrictions on embryonic stem-cell research.

As documented in detail on Newsbusters, the poll has a number of problems:

  • At least one poll involved asked a misleading question to get a still-not-"overwhelming" result that does not support the characterization of "overwhelming support" she employs.
  • The poll's sample was skewed to Democrats and strong Democrats.
  • The "possibility for treatments" for stem cells obtained from amniotic fluid may have MORE disease-eliminating possibilities than those obtained from ESCR will ever have.

First, the poll (overview article; PDF from Ipsos):

  • It opened by asking a question about an unrelated matter with a "gimme" answer in terms of public opinion (not on sound economics) on whether the minimum wage should be raised (80% said yes, 18% no), influencing respondents to "think liberally."
  • The ESCR question that followed ("Should the government ease the restrictions on the use of federal money to research embryonic stem cells, or not?") does not match the reality of pending legislation in Congress, which is about REMOVING restrictions on the research (this link is one of many that notes Democrats' desire to "remove Bush administration restrictions on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research").
  • The sample was disproportionately skewed to Democrats (33% Dems, 27%, GOP, 27% independent, 13% none or didn't know). Additionally, Democrats sampled said they were "strongly" Democrat by a margin 2-1 (22% to 11%), while the strong-to-moderate ratio of Republicans was less that 1.5-1 (16% to 11%).

Even with all of these obvious biases, only 56% favored "easing restrictions" on ESCR and 43% opposed -- hardly an overwhelming result.

And yet this results means that we should fund ESCR in spite of all the scientific evidence to the contrary. I think the Fish Wrapper should start using the motto of "Ideology, Not Truth!", since that's what they preach, don't you?

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