Fish Wrapper Twists News To Cast Negative Light On Republicans

Gullyborg has a post on his site showing an example of how the Fish Wrapper will twist the news to cast a bad light on Republicans.

So I read this article on the inauguration and the Governor's speech, and was surprised to read this:

[T]he governor segued into his desire for Oregon to lead in finding alternative energy.

While most in the room applauded loudly, conservative Republicans, including House Minority Leader Wayne Scott of Canby and Donna Nelson of McMinnville, sat quietly.

I'm really curious where Dave Hogan got his information. Why? Because I just happened to be sitting one chair to the left of Representative Donna Nelson as her guest at the event. And she just happened to be very enthusiastic about the Governor's speech. The moment mentioned above, when the Governor talked about alternative energy, she not only applauded, but turned to me and commented that she strongly supports alternative energies. I remember it well, because I told her we should take a good long look at nuclear power as a means to lessen our dependence on foreign oil.

After the speech was over, she said, and I quote:

That was the best speech I have ever heard Kulongoski give.

Oh, and by the way, this all took place after Kulongoski singled her out of the crowd and gave her a warm hug - the only person in the entire House chamber to be so greeted by our Governor. Of course, no one from the paper saw fit to mention that... but I digress...

After reading this article, I asked her about it. No one from the newspaper had the decency to ask her for any sort of statement or opinion. I guess they already had their script ready, and there was no need to let facts get in the way.

Now, I'm speaking purely for myself here, and not for Representative Nelson, but this sort of petty false reporting is an abomination. Dave Hogan should be ashamed of himself.

So now we must wonder: how many other "news" stories have falsely accused conservative Republicans of things they didn't do?

Good question, Gully. The DFW letting facts get in the way? Where have I heard that before...

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