Dead Fish Wrapper Shows Its True Colors

It seems the Dead Fish Wrapper has again shown its true colors. The Snoregonian editorial staff wrote a piece in the January 13th issue titled "He picked a fight, and got one," about four firefighters and a paramedic who defended themselves and their co workers against Mr. DeGeorge, who threatend to and actually engaged in physical resistance with the police and firefighters.

At first glance, the Dead Fish Wrapper staff seem to be making sense, but then I actually spent a moment going over it and was blasted by the bright,glowing glare of thier hatred and hypocrisy that was hidden in the piece. About midway through the piece they ask why would anyone repeatedly and aggressively harass a group of fireman and medics trying to handle a medical call. I told myself "You're right!" Why would anyone do that?

One thing I have come to realize it that there are a lot of angry, nasty, criminally insane people in this world that don't think, act, or rationalize like the majority of society. I know I don't have to sit here and tell you about all the horrible people in this world, but there are those, like the Dead Fish Wrapper staff that just don't get it.

Here is another example of the Fish Wrapper's ignorance about the public servants in this city. They claim over the last 18 months Portland has grappled with serious cases of questionable official miscoduct. Where? Show me the questionable misconduct. Was it the tragic death of a mentally ill criminal who didnt and couldn't follow simple orders to stop fighting with authority that the Fish Wrapper exploited? Or was it the unfounded complaints against former Chief Foxworth they're refering to? As predicted, after a very thorough investigation, those officers were cleared, much like how Officer McCollister was cleared in the Kendra James incident. Criminally and civily he came out smelling like a rose while the Dead Fish Wrapper and the now defunct loud mouth Albina Ministerial Aliance demanded an inquest. Although Chief Foxworth was guilty of sending explicit emials to a subordinant several years ogo, I don't think it deserved the crucifixion it got from the Fish Wrapper.

I would love to dive into the emails and personal lives of the Oregoinian staff. I'm confident there would be a few criminal indictments out of that. While it was nice that the Fish Wrapper staff didn't call this "firefighter brutality," and they did figure out that all they were trying to do was do their job, they had to cluck about something. Not that it matters what the Fish Wrapper staff thinks, after all they're just reporters right? Oh no, they think that our firefighters need more training in dealing with obnoxious people, kind of like they think our police officers need more training on how to deal with the mentally ill. Now don't our firefighters and police successfully deal with these folks every day 99.9% of the time? Yes, I believe they do.

I'm not saying they are always perfect and I won't defend the misconduct when there is any, but it seems a bit arrogant that the Fish Wrapper staff thinks the that the solution to all these problems is demanding more training when someone gets held accountable for bad behavior after they throw the blame on the firefighters or police.

I challenge you to read this piece again and ask yourself how this would have been written in a police officer did this to Mr. DeGeorge. The officers would have been crucified, much like the attempt that was made on the officers and Sgt. involved in the chase incident, the Kendra James incident, and the James Jahar Perez incident. Have the members of the Fish Wrapper staff ever been firefighters or police officers? Nope! But they sure act like they have it down pat.

I would shudder to think what kind of decsions they would make when forced to deal with the people our police and firefighters deal with every day. I'm going to say that there's really only one lesson here. Always read between the lines cause the hypocrisy is and always will be glaring from the bold print.

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