DFW Editors Fawn Over Hillary

As was to be expected, today the Fish Wrapper fulfilled its destiny and did its fawning act over Hillary Clinton's carefully staged announcement that she will be running for President in 2008.

In their editorial, the editors manage to gloss over her anger and coldness and other notoriety gained when she was First Lady (and I use the term "lady" very loosely).

It's a plus and a minus, as most voters have fixed opinions about her husband, his policies and his behavior, as well as hers when she was FLOTUS, the Secret Service moniker for the first lady of the United States. As first lady, she had an unusually political portfolio, carrying the spear on her husband's health care initiative, among other things. Her investments, her doings at her former law firm and her role in the reshuffling of the White House travel office also brought her some notoriety, unusual for a first lady.

"Some notoriety"? That's like saying that Warren Buffet's business dealings brought him "some money". "Hillary Care" was an absolute debacle and would have destroyed the economy. Does the name Whitewater ring a bell with anyone? Yes, it was unusual for a first lady, because unlike her, most first ladies had some class.

At the very least, her time in the White House gives the voting public a degree of familiarity with her -- perhaps the reason why she is the only candidate referred to by her first name -- while making it harder for her to surprise voters.

Yes, this time she will have a difficult time trying to convince people that she's not a extreme left liberal whose biggest concern is imposing her liberal agenda on America, and that she is a warm, caring person (SNL did an absolutely hilarious piece on her and Chris Matthews this past Saturday).

Seated on a sofa and responding to carefully screened questions for an Internet audience, Hillary started her conversation with America this week on HillaryClinton.com. She responded to queries about being a female candidate, about Iraq, about New Orleans, about health insurance and one, from a teenager who asked, "What made you so inspirational?"

"I hope you'll volunteer in my campaign," she replied, in small part.

It was a fine performance, offering a perception of intimacy unimaginable to the Adamses, Roosevelts and Harrisons.

Yes, I think performance is the correct word to use here, because it implies acting, which is what she is doing.

But in this case, somewhere beyond the webcam's view, a former president commands an unmistakable presence.

Hillary speaks and we listen, but we can't help but let our minds wander to a secondary question:

What kind of "first gentleman" would Bill be?

I think using Bill Clinton and gentleman together is definitely an oxymoron, don't you?


Hillary wants to take (read

Hillary wants to take (read "steal") the profits from the oil companies and "distribute" them. So far she has not said where she wants to "distribute" them, but I'm sure it will be to some ultra-liberal cause. Just like the health care system she wanted to nationalize back when she and BJ BIll were President, now she essentially wants to nationalize the oil companies. We all must remember this in the fall of 2008 when election time comes around.

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