Newspaper Circulation Down, The Dead Fish Wrapper Sees One of the Biggest Drops

As reported today by Editor & Publisher and Newsbusters, circulation among major metropolitan daily newspapers continues to show steep declines. Here are some of the biggies:

The Los Angeles Times reported that daily circulation fell 8% to 775,766. Sunday dropped 6% to 1,172,005.

The San Francisco Chronicle was down. Daily dropped 5.3% to 373,805 and Sunday fell 7.3% to 432,957.

The New York Times lost 3.5% daily to 1,086,798 and 3.5% on Sunday to 1,623,697. Its sister publication, The Boston Globe, reported decreases in daily circulation, down 6.7% to 386,415 and Sunday, down 9.9% to 587,292.

The Washington Post lost daily circulation, which was down 3.3% to 656,297 while Sunday declined 3.6% to 930,619.

Daily circulation at USA Today slipped 1.3% to 2,269,509.

The Chicago Tribune showed slight declines. Daily dropped 1.7% to 576,132 and Sunday decreased 1.3% to 937,907.

Losses at the Miami Herald were steep. Daily circulation fell 8.8% to 265,583 and Sunday fell 9.1% to 361,846.

While daily circulation stabilized compared to past reporting periods at The Sun in Baltimore, down 4.4% to 236,172, Sunday took a massive hit. Circulation on that day dropped 9% to 380,701.

The Hartford (Conn.) Courant’s daily circ was down 3.9% to 179,066 while Sunday dropped slightly, 1.5% to 264,539.

Daily circulation at The Arizona Republic declined 2.5% to 397,294 and 2.6% on Sunday to 503,943.

And here is the chart of the top 25 papers (I'm sure it's in circulation numbers, not quality):

USA Today: 2,269,509, (-1.3%)
The Wall Street Journal: 2,043, 235, (-1.9%)
The New York Times: 1,086,798, (-3.5%)
Los Angeles Times: 775,766, (-8.0%)
The New York Post: 704,011, +5.3%
Daily News, New York: 693,382, +1.0%
The Washington Post: 656,297, (-3.3%)
Chicago Tribune: 576,132, (-1.7%)
Houston Chronicle: 508,097, (-3.6%)
Newsday: 413,579, (-4.9%)
The Arizona Republic, Phoenix: 397,294, (-2.5%)
The Boston Globe: 386,415, (-6.7%)
The Star-Ledger, Newark, N.J.: 378,100, (-5.5%)
San Francisco Chronicle: 373,805, (-5.3%)
The Star Tribune, Minneapolis: 358,887, (-4.1%)
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: 350,157, (-3.4%)
The Plain Dealer, Cleveland: 336,939, (-0.6%)
The Philadelphia Inquirer: 330,622, (-7.5%)
Detroit Free Press: 328,628, (-3.6%)
The Oregonian, Portland: 310,803, (-6.8%)
The San Diego Union-Tribune: 304,334, (-3.1%)
St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times: 288,676, (-3.2%)
The Orange County (Calif.) Register: 287,204, (-3.7%)
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch: 276,588, +0.6%
The Sacramento (Calif.) Bee: 273,609, (- 5.4%)

For those of us under the coverage area of the Wrapper, here are the top three from the list above.

L.A. Times: -8.0%
Phildalphia Inquirer: -7.5%
The Oregonian: -6.8%

In other words, the circulation at the Dead Fish Wrapper is showing one of the steepest declines in the country. Hmmm, now why could that be? There's always the old media vs. new media argument, but look at these papers and one thing seems fairly obvious: liberal bias in news reporting isn't cutting it any more. People can get their news from other places where the other side of the story is told, so they don't need to rely on the dailies any more.

Take a look at a lot of the names:

New York Times
Washington Post
L.A. Times
San Francisco Chronicle

What do they all have in common? They are all so incredibly liberal, it's breathtaking. For instance, last week, the L.A. Times ran an editorial by Joel Stein calling Christianity a "death cult" (man, if he had called Islam a death cult - the truth, by the way - he would have been accused of hate speech). All the others routinely run articles and editorials bashing conservatives and Christians. You would think they would get the clue that people at the minimum want even handed news reports, but alas, it isn't to be.

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