Fish Wrapper Neglects To Tell Whole Story About Senate Resolution Against War

The Fish Wrapper reporters continue to demonstrate their ability to tell only one side of a story in order to paint conservatives in a bad light. Today's example is a piece by Jeff Kosseff about a national TV ad being put out by the liberal moonbats at The ad are targeted at eight senators, including Gordon Smith, who voted against cloture on a non-binding resolution against the war in Iraq.

What Kosseff (and of course, the MoveOn ads) fails to disclose is the reason the Republicans voted that way. As detailed at TimesWatch in an article about the New York Times coverage of the vote, there is another side to the story:

On Thursday,Zeleny claimed: "Senator John W. Warner, a Virginia Republican who led the bipartisan resolution against the president’s troop buildup plan, went to the Senate floor on Wednesday to read the letter only two days after siding with Republican leaders on a vote that blocked the debate."

Republicans blocked the debate?

Zeleny again ignored the fact that Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will not allow votes on two Republican alternatives that would probably pass the Senate with the 60 votes required. In other words, it's Democrat Reid, not Republicans, who are "blocking" a fuller debate on Iraq.

For some reason that fact seemed to be missing in the story. It goes without saying that MoveOn would skew the facts like that, and apparently the same is true for the Daily Dead Fish Wrapper, too.


I'm also not a big fan of

I'm also not a big fan of The Oregonian, but it's because they are pro-Republican, not pro-Democrat. It looks like this article went out of its way to make the point you're accusing it of ignoring:

Hammond said Smith's vote Monday was "an effort to expand, not restrict debate on Iraq." Since that vote, senators have been negotiating various resolutions regarding the increase in troops, and some senators have spoken about the bills on the Senate floor.

"This ad is about an extreme and partisan organization trying to mislead Oregonians, not about debating Iraq on the Senate floor," Hammond said.

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