Fish Wrapper Quick To Praise Liberal Entertainers Who Bash Conservatives

In her coverage of the Grammy Awards on Sunday night (titled "Dixie Chicks Sweet Revenge"), Luciana Lopez of the Dead Fish Wrapper could barely contain her glee about the five awards that the Dixie Chicks received for their CD "Taking The Long Way".

Time might not heal everything, but apparently five Grammys do the trick: The Dixie Chicks' kiss-off song, "Not Ready to Make Nice," along with their "Taking the Long Way" album earned the Texas trio an armful of trophies Sunday night, almost four years after their criticism of President Bush got them into hot water with the conservative country establishment.

"I'm ready to make nice!" said singer Natalie Maines when the band collected the album of the year award, which closed out the show. The groups' awards, she said, meant that people were using their right to free speech "the same way this loudmouth did" in 2003.

So basically they won these awards not because they were good music, but because the liberal music establishment liked the fact that they liked to bash President Bush? Makes sense to me.

Funny how when the fans and the country music industry used their right to free speech, that wasn't okay. In fact, they called people cowards, and basically didn't like the fact that other people had just as much free speech rights as they did.

Later in the article, Lopez got in another shot in mentioning the award that Ludacris received for best rap album.

Snarksters watching at home got a few chuckles, too, as the Dixie Chicks weren't the only ones not ready to back down. When Ludacris picked up the award for best rap album, for example, he thanked both Oprah and Bill O'Reilly. Neither, shall we say, are fans.

Sounds to me like Lopez was one of the "snarksters" referred to.

Still, it's hard to underplay the Dixie Chicks' victory. They were thoroughly dumped by the country community after Maines said she was ashamed that President Bush is from Texas. They went from being one of the hottest acts around to seeing their music virtually expunged from country radio stations. Add to that the Grammy's usual reluctance to award its laurels to politically charged music.

But "Taking the Long Way," both critically lauded and commercially successful, did so well it seemed even the Chicks themselves could hardly believe it.

"For the first time in my life," Maines said, "I'm speechless."

Hopefully that speechless time will extend for quite a while...

Now, let's put the shoe on the other foot. What if a rock band had similar things about a Democrat president, and the liberal radio and music industry had shut them out? They then go into country music and end up winning a bunch of ACM and CMA awards. Do you think the media would be fawning all over them like the libs are over the Chicks? I sincerely doubt it.



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