Hiding the Truth About Senate Bill 2 and Ideological Indoctrination

As I've documented here before, the Fish Wrapper, in its ongoing quest to push the liberal, homosexual agenda as far as it can, continues to trumpet Senate Bill 2. However, as usual, in doing so, it plays down the reverse discrimination and ideological indoctrination that is part of the bill.

In his article entitled "Gay-rights bills gain ground", Bill Graves states his point of view very clearly right off the top:

Gays and lesbians in Oregon have moved closer to winning the benefits of marriage and protections against discrimination.

So in other words, even though the voters specifically stated loudly and clearly in 2004 via Measure 36, that marriage is restricted to one man and one woman, the Democrat legislature has taken it upon itself to decid that the voters really didn't know what they voted for. What they seem to forget is that we didn't just vote for the word "marriage" - we voted for everything that goes along with it. But in spite of that, the liberals and Democrats decided to get what they want in their typical way, by telling the voters they don't matter, and legislating what they want.

He continues:

On the heels of a packed, emotional public hearing Monday night, the House Committee on Elections, Ethics and Rules on Tuesday approved two bills. House Bill 2007 would extend inheritance, property, medical and other benefits of marriage to same-sex couples.

Senate Bill 2 would ban discrimination based on sexual orientation in housing, the workplace and public places, such as restaurants and theaters. The anti-bias bill was first introduced in the Legislature 34 years ago and has been introduced and defeated repeatedly since.

"In the long march of American history and the struggle for equal protection of all citizens, this is really a historical milestone and will profoundly affect the quality of life for thousands of Oregonians," said House Speaker Jeff Merkley, D-Portland.

Hmmm, so lets' talk about the things that Graves fails to mention. In particular is the ideological indoctrination clause from section 659A.003

To accomplish this purpose, the Legislative Assembly intends by this chapter to provide a program of public education calculated to eliminate attitudes upon which practices of discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status, age or disability are based.

Funny how this one doesn't get any mention in any of the media. Now how exactly is this elimination of attitudes supposed to happen? How will it be determined who attends? Will this be another way to waste state money? Last I checked, educating citizens on the "correct" attitudes to have wasn't a repsonsiblity of the state. If it's like anything in the public schools or things I've seen in the corporate world, it will basically inform the indoctrinee that they are wrong for having any type of opposition to homosexuality.

But why put out the whole truth when you have a liberal agenda to advance, right?




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